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To enroll for online servicing with DFS, you must have a valid DFS account number OR contract number.

For Dell Preferred Account (DPA) and Dell Business Credit (DBC) customers, your account number is 19 digits long and can be located on your Welcome Letter or monthly Statement. Click below to see an example.

If you are a DFS Lease customer, you will find your 13-digit contract number at the top of your Lease Contract or on your monthly invoice.

Lease Contract Example:

Monthly Invoice Example:

Enter the verification information requested

DPA Account:

  • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN)

  • Mother's Maiden Name (MMN)

DBC Account:

  • Billing Zip Code
    and One of the following…

  • FEIN/TaxID

  • Last four digits of SSN (If you applied as a sole proprietor)

  • Account Custodian PIN (Account Custodian PIN was selected by you at the time of the credit application)

*Your DBC account must now be activated. A message will be sent to the email address we have on file with the activation link attached. If you run into any difficulties with this step, please contact our DBC Customer Support team.

Lease Contract:

  • Name of Business

  • Billing Zip Code

​Now that we have verified your ownership of the account, it's time to create your User ID and Password.

Your User ID must…

  • be a minimum of 6 characters in length

  • not contain spaces

  • not contain special characters except @ . - OR _

Q: Can I use my email address as my User ID? A: Yes


Your password must…

  • be between 6-20 characters long

  • contain at least one upper case letter (ex. A, B, C…)

  • contain at least one lower case letter (ex. a, b, c…)

  • contain at least one number (ex. 1, 2, 3…)

  • not contain spaces

For added security, you may also include special characters in your password (ex. #, $, %...)

Enter your email address:

We will use this email address to contact you regarding activity utilizing your online profile, including:

  • Updates to your User ID, Password, or email address

  • Failed Login attempts

  • Password reset help

  • And more…

Select and answer three security questions

Security questions provide you with an additional layer of protection. Here is how we will use them.

  • Whenever you login from a new device (mobile phone, tablet, or computer), we will ask you to answer a security question prior to permitting access to your accounts.

  • If you use private browsing, if your device does not accept cookies, or if you regularly clear your browsing cookies, you will be asked to answer a security question at login.

  • When you have forgotten your password, you may be asked to answer a security question. If you answer correctly, you will then be permitted to reset your password online.

If you have questions or problems with your security questions, please contact our Customer Care team for assistance.

Device registration permits us to log a record of the device you are using to log in. Here are the benefits to you when registering your device:

  • Faster login in the future

  • Ability to reset your password without the use of email

We recommend you select 'Yes' if you are using a personal phone, tablet, or computer.

If you are using someone else's device, or one that is available to the public, choose 'No'.

Note: Any time you log in from an unregistered device, you will be required to correctly answer a security question to gain access to your accounts.